How does it work?
How does this work for you?
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  Not Dependant on Distance
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he quality of the network and the level of the backup and redundancy of the internet is enormous. With multiple routes to almost every location and immense amounts of money having been spent on routers, computers, backup equipment, power equipment, and standby/backup equipment the network is very resilient to line, equipment, or power failure. Furthermore, there have been huge expenditures on laying cable across the country and around the world, meaning the integrity and quality of the network is good, the topology is modern, and the capacity is enormous. The capacity is so large that is most places there is underutilized or unused capacity because there is simply no demand for it yet. The caliber of this network is so great that it would be very difficult and prohibitively expense to reproduce. Even with a considerable budget, any individual business, organization, or individual would be hard pressed to match the quality of the internet network.

As such, rather than try to reproduce what's already there, why not take advantage of what's in place and available for you to use?

How does this work for you?
Not Dependant on Distance