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Nexgen Dialup, OmniConnect™ provides unlimited use, 56 Kbps internet connections over a nationwide network. This service is ideal for sales staff, traveling executives, or vacationing personnel who need the flexibility of a portable internet connection that will follow them as they go. For the residential user, dialup service offers an inexpensive option for sending and receiving email and recreational browsing of the internet. All dialup accounts come with OmniMail, our web based email client that lets you access and send email from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world.

Experience the e-Nexgen OnmiConnect™ Advantage!

Convenient Setup!

- No Extra Software to Download!
- No 3rd party programs or CDs to load!
- OmniConnect connections are native to your computer, and keep it working clean and stable - the way it was designed to.

Windows Users can create Dialup Networking connections through our easy online interface. Just find the number you want to connect from, using our convenient search, click through, add your username and password and connection is created automatically on your computer. Create an icon anytime you need to for any place you want to connect from.

Industry Leading Support

Our support technicians are trained and certified in computer systems and internetworking, to ensure you the highest level of competent support, from technicians who actually know their products and the computing environment. Access our Support by e-mail, chat, instant messenger, telephone, fax, and mail. Our support is always right by your side when you need it, convenient to you, as you need it. Our support is multi-lingual, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Russian, to accommodate many different types of customers.


Signup and connect within 3 minutes - it's that easy! Signup instantly online or Call into our 800 support line to connect in real-time.


One login and password gets you connected from any number, anytime. No need for complicated usernames and passwords - pick your own. Your username and email address are the same. Your password to connect to the internet and access your email are the same. If you host a domain with e-Nexgen you can use your own domain and regular email account.


Our web based email client that lets you access and send email from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. Send mail, receive mail, secure e-mail, encrypted e-mail, mail filters, auto-responders, mail forwarding, available at your fingertips everywhere, all the time. We support both IMAP4 and POP3 protocols for maximum email power and the flexibility to meet your needs. Use IMAP4 to synchronize your mail on the web and all your mail clients and mail programs, even palm computers and PDAs.

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