How does it work?
How does this work for you?
Strength of network
  Not Dependant on Distance
Efficient Topology
Portability and Convenience
Flexibility and Scalability

Local Availability



Web Hosting

Web Design and
Multimedia Presentations


Remote Backup
Internet Security
Technical Library


Connect as many locations as you need to, just plug them into the internet. There is no limit to the number of connections you can make or the number of connections you can make per location or per resource. Establish and take down connections with the ultimate in simplicity, the process is as easy as browsing a web page.

Scalability also refers to the size of the connection. There is much less work involved in increasing bandwidth across a VPN connection versus a point-to-point connection. The internet has the capacity to manage and carry enormous amounts of data. You merely need to increase your local location capacity to meet bandwidth requirements. Unique to VPN, if you have one major location connected to a minor location, and the major location requires more bandwidth, you can easily have a larger connection at the major location to accommodate many minor connections at smaller locations.

Portability and Convenience
Local Availability