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How does this work for you?
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While with a private connection your charges increase based on the span of that connection, with a VPN that is not the case. With most VPNs you are connecting via the internet, as such, you only need to make a connection from both locations to your nearest internet point with the capacity to support you. For example, a real estate company with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Seattle, would have to pay for at a minimum cross country links to connect the offices for voice and data communication. Using VPN each office would only have to connect locally to the internet. The New York office would connect to an internet point in New York, Miami to a point in Miami, Los Angeles to a point in Los Angeles, and Seattle can locally connect in Seattle. The internet, which is free to use, makes the connections among those points at no additional cost. So instead of incurring the cost of lines crossing the country, the cost based only on the shorter connections from each local office to its local internet location. Additionally, because of the fact that the internet is being used, the speed, quality, and redundancy of the connection between these points is superior to that of a single leased connection.

How does this work for you?