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Strength of network
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Efficient Topology
Portability and Convenience
Flexibility and Scalability

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VPN allows you to work securely from anywhere in the world as if you were connected locally within the office. You do not need a static connection for VPN, but can establish it from any computer with an internet connection - including notebooks. Your sales force can connect from whatever location they are at, even with a dialup connection, and access the local network resources as if they were in the office. Your traveling executives can connect from different locations, from clients, or from vacation as if they were in the office. Mothers who want to stay home with children, yet need to work, can work from home with ease and convenience. Even forward them a telephone extension off the IP capable office PBX system, send it through the VPN and it's like they are at a desk in the office.

With VPN you are not necessarily locked into annual or multi-annual contracts for point-to-point connections. Usually running 1, 2, or 3 years, these contracts can be a hindrance should you need to relocate do to expansion, or to take advantage of a business opportunity. VPN is much more flexible, allowing you the ability to establish the connection from any location with ease.

Efficient Topology
Flexibility and Scalability