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Draw a crowd and build interest and enthusiasm around your idea, watch in awe, distribute your presentation around the world…

Leave your audience feeling wow!™

Blow the roof off the building, make the chairs fall backward, and feel the earth shake beneath you as your audience is captivated by your message - delivered via an e-Nexgen multimedia presentation. Using the latest technologies in 3D rendering and animation, motion video, special effects, and sound e-Nexgen will draw a crowd and build interest and enthusiasm around your idea. Wide Screen, DVD quality or higher, digital surround sound - not a problem - just sit back and watch in awe as if you are at the movies.


e-Nexgen doesn't end with the creation, we also support the distribution. Leverage our ISP resources to distribute your presentation around the world, in real time, constantly streaming, streaming on demand, or packaged for download. How about a screensaver? Using the latest in technology we can create a screensaver for your needs from any motion video you provide, or build a composition from scratch. Make your screensaver available to your clients, distribute it over the web or via a cd with a self-installing executable file. Want CDs, DVDs, business card sized CDs, video tapes, floppy disks, or any other type of physical media to distribute - we can do that too.

e-Nexgen multimedia projects and presentations will leave your audience feeling wow!™

Keep your customers purchasing
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