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he most important aspect of any business is getting paid. The reason you are in business, the root of commerce, the "raison d'etre" of your company is making money. Because it is so important, there are many names for it, revenues, profits, margins, receivables, inflows, earnings, proceeds, receipts, gains, to name a few, and they all mean the exact same thing - getting paid. Your web page can make that fast and easy. e-Nexgen is specialized in this area of facilitating electronic transactions. Through our affiliation and partnership with Nova Corporation the third largest electronic processing company in the United States, covering the United States and Europe, we will get you setup from beginning to end - merchant account through transaction processing. Credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, and check verification are realities that we can deliver to your business quickly and conveniently, and at some of the most competitive rates around. GetPaid™ fast, GetPaid™ now, with e-Nexgen electronic commerce solutions.

How to buy from you?
How to get product to your customers