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Web based e-mail administration, configurable from any web browser in the world, increases client/employer satisfaction. Create e-mail accounts, forwarding, aliases, mailing lists, auto-responders, and most importantly reset passwords from anywhere including your home or vacation spot. Just type "mailadmin.yourdomain.domain" in any web browser and you are in control.

Web based e-mail client, for maximum customer/employer convenience, and a competitive edge. Check your e-mail and write e-mail from anywhere in the world. Just type "mail.yourdomain.domain" in any web browser, enter your e-mail account/password, and everyone at your client/company is in contact. With OmniMail™, get rid of the confusion of extra e-mail accounts or the embarrassment of johndoe5735649@hotmail.com or headcheese56@yahoo.com. Your one account jdoe@yourdomain.com does everything. OmniMail™ also supports advanced features such as an address book, mail filters, encrypted e-mail, file attachments, and HTML e-mail. This is an invaluable productivity tool for sales people, regional managers, traveling executives.

Secure/Encrypted e-Mail