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e-Nexgen supports the advanced e-mail standards and gives you the flexibility to use the features you need.

IMAP4 leaves your e-mail messages on our server when you access them. Using IMAP4 means your mail folders and e-mails are synchronized on every computer you use to access your e-mail account and with your web mail. By using IMAP4 with e-Nexgen your mail "follows you" wherever you go. Your Inbox is your Inbox, your Sent folder is your Sent folder, your Drafts are your Drafts whether you interface via a mail client like Outlook or via the internet with OmniMail™. Start an e-mail at home on your own computer, add some notes at the office on the work computer, work on it at an internet terminal at the airport before your flight, and finish the letter up and send it after you have settled into your hotel at your final destination. Send e-mails to each of your clients from your vacation spot, and have them for reference in your Sent folder when you get back to the office.

When you need many e-mail accounts, but want to save on hosting expenses, POP3 downloads your mail to your local computer every time you access your mail. Support hundreds or thousands of employees using a minimum of disk space. When you don't need the portability, or remote accessibility POP3 gives your employees a very functional account and saves you money.

Secure/Encrypted e-Mail
FreeBSD or Windows Hosting