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As a T-1 Customer you receive:

Internet Bandwidth
- 1.544 Mbps capacity to send and receive information via the Internet
- One-time setup fee and set monthly fee based on 1.544 Mbps fixed bandwidth, not on usage.

Dedicated T-1 Circuit
- Private Tier 1 provider link serving the customer's site
- Dedicated T-1 circuit is a private, high-speed link provider by a local exchange carrier from customer's site to the provider.
- Dedicated T-1 circuit is capable of carrying up to 1.544 Mbps of information.
- Support and maintenance of T-1 coordinated and administrated by Nexgen.
- T-1 will be provided by a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).
- One-time setup fee and set monthly fee based on mileage from customer's site to a Nexgen PoP (Point of Presence), not on capacity or usage.

Network Hardware
Can be Ordered, Supplied, and/or Configured by Nexgen
- The customer may chose between having Nexgen order, configure, and install network hardware or Nexgen may order, configure and ship network hardware to customer's site (see 'options' for more details).
- The customer may purchase or rent network hardware from Nexgen, see 'Options'.
- Nexgen facilitates manufacturer's warranty resolution for hardware provided by Nexgen.

System Support and Monitoring
Your connection is monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
- Nexgen monitors 1.544 Mbps Dedicated T-1 Internet access connections 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
- Nexgen provides notification of sustained bandwidth utilization above 50 % of 1.544 Mbps.
- Includes registration of one domain name (….)
- Includes PING monitoring for one IP address (….)


Equipment options:
Purchase standard T-1 network access equipment from Nexgen.
Rent standard T-1 network access equipment from Nexgen
Customer supplies network access equipment

Installation Options:
Standard T-1 access equipment configuration and on-site installation by Nexgen.
Standard T-1 access equipment pre-configured and shipped to customer by Nexgen.
Customer and Nexgen combine to do the ordering, configuration, and setup of access equipment
No equipment configuration, installation or setup by Nexgen.

Domain name registration
Network address Translation
BGP - Border Gateway Protocol
ISDN Backup for T-1
Additional System Monitoring: HTTP, HTTPS, PING, FTP